Rapid microbiological test

LT BIOTEST is a rapid diagnostic test for the control of bacterial forms, which acts on any solid material, liquid, organic and inorganic, providing results in only 8 hours.

These fast tests are innovative and can be used in many sectors: food/catering, so in all cases where we practice the HACCP, but also safety at work, livestock/veterinary and medical/hospital!

Unlike all other test it is rapid: only 8 hours against the normal 3/7 days of traditional methods. LT BioTest locates in a few hours the presence of the total amount of bacteria, Salmonella, Coliforms and Staphylococcus, lowering intervention costs and increasing safety on farms, packing centers, slaughterhouses, schools, canteens, supermarkets, workplaces with food and much more.

This operation is simple, do not need a laboratory, just a space heater to 37 °!


Our rapid diagnostic products are tested and validated (rev.No.31 of 10/02/2015 www.accredia.it available on the website) from ISZLER of Lombardia and Emilia Romagna.

LT BIOTEST is an indispensable tool and validated for compliance with HACCP procedures and those under EU Regulations of the "hygiene package" in force in the EU since January 2005.

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What is needed to perform the analysis:

  • The test (Total, coliforms, Staphylococcus, Salmonella)
  • A system of collection and transport of bacteriological samples: LT BioTest CARRIERS
  • Container LT Biotherm

LT BioTest CARRIERS is constituted by a buffer and a STUART or AMIES transport medium with sources of carbon, all wrapped in a special packing.
The pad is made of plastic. The synthetic fiber wad (Dacron, rayon ...) type is used to avoid any inhibition of bacteria by the fatty acids which are commonly found on the cotton fibers.
The plastic film packaging is a multi-layer composite in order to obtain a satisfactory barrier effect to water, CO2 and oxygen.

Consequently, it is possible to maintain as those types of anaerobic bacteria (not strict) for 12-36 hours.
The preservation of most of the other bacteria is more than 72 hours.



Temperature adjusted to 37 °
Transparent cover
Set of 10 tests
Power supply: 230V
Dimensions: 230x230x143 mm
Weight: 1 kg



  1. Tearing along the red dotted line
  2. Carefully pull down the film to extract the sterile swab
  3. Swab the surface to be examined (an area of about 20 cm²)
  4. Reseat the tampon in the pack
  5. Place the swab in contact with the crop area simply by pressing the finger on the small tank
  6. Place LT BIOTEST in mini incubator 
  7. Read the results. A color change shows the presence of microbial contamination and critical level


Watch the tutorial:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6xdNlFlQuM




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